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LTTP: Serious Sam 3 BFE

Cool ship. When it's not trying to kill you.

Cool ship. When it’s not trying to kill you.

Welcome to Late to the Party, the first in a new series of posts I’ll be writing on a totally random basis whenever I happen to feel like. As the name implies, this is me going back to older games I missed at the time and seeing if I enjoy them.

Note that these aren’t retrospectives in that I’ve not played these games before, that’s a different category I’ll use for nostalgia goggle games I loved back in the day. Also, spoilers obviously, though it shouldn’t need stating. Won’t be anything too major as I’m still playing it myself. Anyway, let’s get started!

First up is Serious Sam 3 because I love the franchise and kinda missed this game when it released originally. I wasn’t playing anything much on PC at the time, to be honest, mostly focusing on JP imports for PS3 (and Vita in 2012… hmm, maybe I should gush about my love of Persona 4 The Golden one of these days…).

I’ve always been a huge fan of Serious Sam and played First and Second Encounters to death back when they were still new and fresh. Co-op play, single player, finding all the secrets, Iron Man (permadeath) runs, the works. I love those games to bits, and the main reason for that is there’s no annoying cover mechanics. It’s sheer, hectic, frenetic insanity on all sides at all times. And I love that.

Then I grabbed a Sam bundle during a Steam sale last year around summer if I recall correctly; the entire Serious Sam collection including the HD versions of First and Second Encounter. And included, alongside the weird spin-offs I’ve so far not looked at, was Serious Sam 3.

I finally got around to trying it this last week. And yeah… this is still Serious Sam. Few issues and caveats, not least of which the piss poor performance for a game that released in 2011 being played on a GTX960, but overall? It’s great. (more…)