Reconstructing Fallout 3

Part 1: Back into the Wasteland

In this first part, I chat a bit about some general topics including how I believe an RPG should be created (you know, actually including the ‘roleplaying’ aspect, something Bethesda seems to have forgotten).

Part 2: Wasted Land Potential

This post talks a bit about the Wasteland itself and how DC looks way too barren, given that region’s rainfall per year… not to mention that whole 200 years after the bombs deal.

Part 3: Settling for Traders

This time I’m talking a bit about Megaton and Canterbury Commons, combining them into a single coherent settlement.

Part 4: In for a Penny, In for a Pound

Good old Tenpenny Tower. A promising location that could’ve been used to explore a multitude of interesting moral dilemmas… if Bethesda were capable of such writing.

Part 5: Any Old Iron

Rivet City, a location with a neat concept but also a bunch of issues.

Part 6: Settlements 101

Part 6 talks a bit about Vault 101 and how I’d alter the opening act of the game.

Part 7: After Eights

This part discusses a new major settlement in the DC Wasteland, the aforementioned Eighton, and the faction inhabiting it.

Part 8: Motivated by Money

Up today are Talon Company, Reilly’s Rangers, and the Regulators, three merc outfits that couldn’t work in a world lacking a functioning economy. Good thing my world has one, huh?

Part 9: Reinvigorating Old Olney

Here, I’m taking a look at Old Olney, a location in Fallout 3 that was really nice… and really underused. Criminally so, in fact.

Part 10: Little Lampblight

In this look at Fallout 3, I talk about that most awful of locations… Little Lamplight.

Part 11: Big Trouble In…

Another settlement that exists in its own little vacuum dimension divorced from virtually everything else, Big Town could be so much more with just a few tweaks.

Part 12: Divided Deadites

This week we’re delving into the old history museum and the ghouls holed up there. Additionally, I bring in a second ghoul faction in conflict with the existing ones in order to spice things up a bit.

Part 13: High Vaultage

Looking at the Vaults this time.

Part 14: Forbidden Fruits

Talking a bit about how Bethesda screwed up the GECK in this one.

Part 15: DLC Attacks!

Ah, the dreaded DLC. Couple of these are actually pretty decent. Couple of them… really aren’t.

Part 16: Aiding With the Raiding

Let’s see if we can spice the world up by making the raiders less like generic mooks, only there for target practice, and instead have them be a serious force in the world, a real faction unto themselves.

Part 17: Full-Floral Jacket

This time we’re chatting about Oasis and the godawful Tree Minders. Oh, and Harold, because Bethesda just can’t help screwing up the good parts of the original games.

Part 18: Wasted Space

Talking a bit about the wastes themselves, along with a couple of the locations I’d have liked to have seen used for something more than generic enemy haunts.

Part 19: Ever-Clean Pills

Yet another under-utilised, generic raider haunt. Let’s fix that by making this a location morally questionable types can call home.

Part 20: Mutant Mayhem

I suppose I can’t put it off any longer. Time for the Super Mutants!


In this part, I give the Children of Atom a bit less of a dumb reason for existing, plus we’ll be looking at Harold again, this time under the assumption that he hasn’t been ruined.