World Building

World Building: A Look at Star Ocean 3

Love the ancient look with that sepia tone.

Love the ancient look with that sepia tone.

So I’ve been replaying some older games recently, and one of the last was Star Ocean 3: Till the End of Time. Great game in a lot of ways, some nice world building, okay characters, spends far too much time on underdeveloped planets. No major problems there.

But then we reach that ending. You know the one I mean, the last portion of the game where – SPOILER ALERT! – it’s revealed that our world and entire galaxy/universe is just a big old quantum computer simulation and effectively nothing more than a vijda game for a group of 4-dimensional beings on another plane of existence to cock about with.

If you’ve not actually played the game, I’m not joking. That’s really how the game concludes. No real lead-up either, there are hints that something weird is happening in our galaxy, with insanely overpowered creatures destroying entire planets and some weird energy flooding the universe, but the reveal itself falls utterly flat because it happens out of nowhere.

Now, I could talk about the ending itself, how it fails on various narrative and thematic levels, how it could’ve been handled better (or changed entirely), and all manner of other things. But instead I’m going to talk a bit about the world building in this game. Stuff like lore, back story, locations, planets, etc., as those are some of the strongest aspects of this title for me. (more…)