Hey there! My name’s Writiosity, and I write about… uh, all sorts, actually. Games (mostly story-focused ramblings there), writing in general, world building, whatever I feel like. I also love picking apart the worlds others have built to see what makes them tick. And in some cases – the most prominent right now being Fallout 3 – seeing how badly they failed.

Beyond my infatuation with world building, I also write fiction – sci-fi especially – and some in-depth retrospective type posts looking at some of my favourite things, my Reconstructing series (looking at Fallout 3, maybe another series to follow that eventually), and probably occasional reviews and things. This site also serves as a useful showcase of my writing style and skill for potential Upwork clients.

Other than that, I’m generally fairly boring and tend to spend most of my waking moments writing, or agonising over planned writing, or pretending to write while actually procrastinating (this is known among writers as research), or editing existing works. And sometimes I might even remember to do normal person things such as eating or going outside. But only sometimes.

I do this for fun in my free time for now, but if you enjoy my lengthy rambles and/or rants and would like to support me with a few quid to help keep me fed, that’d be swell; there’s a Paypal button in the sidebar.

Finally, if you’re interested in lesbian fiction in relatively unusual settings (far future sci-fi, high fantasy, magical girls, etc.), you can check out my other site. I write fiction under two pen names, one currently unpublished, and the other is Yurika S. Grant, my yuri (lesbian) persona.