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The Problem With Killing Everything

In the old days you could kill everything. EVERYTHING.

In the old days you could kill everything. EVERYTHING.

With Fallout 4 having been out nearly a year now, I’ve been thinking about Fallout as a franchise. Actually, I think about Fallout quite a lot, it’s a series I’m particularly fond of (3&4 notwithstanding). And one thing I’ve always loved is the freedom, the ability to play the games your way.

Whether that be diplomatically via speech and charisma, or brutally through extreme violence, or a mixture of the two, say a bartering trader who focuses almost wholly on buying and selling but isn’t above tactical killing of high-value targets.

Point is, these games allow for real roleplaying. You pick a role you want to play, you specialise in a few stats to support that role, and away you go. Then along came Fallout 3 and ruined everything. Maybe that’s a bit hyperbolic, but it does annoy me how much of the actual roleplaying Bethesda threw out when they bought the franchise and transitioned it to 3D. (more…)

Reconstructing Fallout 3 Part 17: Full-Floral Jacket

Treehugging Hippies, Inc. Maybe we should ship them over to Big MT, I’m sure they could find a use…

Treehugging Hippies, Inc. Maybe we should ship them over to Big MT, I’m sure they could find a use…

So this time I’m going to be looking at Oasis and a nearby new location I’ll be adding. First of all, let me say this: I hate Bethesda for what they did to Harold. He’s a fun and interesting character, and having him shoehorned into dreck such as Brotherhood of Steel and, of course, Fallout 3 as a living god-tree is just… *sigh*

That being the case, I’ll be changing it entirely. No more silly god-tree, no more dumbass treeminders, no more Oasis. The location itself will exist, but it won’t be filled with treehugging hippies and will instead be something rather more morally grey, with an unpleasant history leading the player to actually have to make a difficult decision on how to deal with the uh… inhabitants.

But first, Harold. He’ll be around, we can still say that he headed out east and just continued walking, or alternatively we can say he’s here in DC for a specific reason. I’ll be going with a specific reason I’ll get to in a later post, when I talk a bit more about quests and how some of the unused locations can be tied into the wasteland, but either way his presence isn’t offensive in and of itself.

It’s how he’s presented that’s the problem. Taking a well-known and well-liked character like Harold and turning him into a bad joke is in very poor taste, but it’s about what I’ve come to expect from Bethesda; you only have to look at how badly they handled everything else in Fallout 3 to see they don’t give a crap about the source material beyond how it can make them the most money.

It feels like someone sat down with the Fallout Wikia and hit the random page button, got Harold as a result, and thought, ‘Hmm… interesting, he has a tree growing out of his head, I wonder if we could use that… wait, wait… WAIT… I’ve got it! We can turn him into a tree! Genius, gaming is saved, guys.

Anyway, I don’t want to spend ages ranting on Harold, I’ll cover him later, but for now you just needed to know that he ain’t a tree-god in Oasis in my world. Moving on! (more…)

Reconstructing Fallout 3 Part 16: Aiding With the Raiding

Welcome to Raider Town.

Welcome to Raider Town.

So let’s talk raiders and others of their ilk. I’ll be both introducing a new location and overhauling an existing one here, so I guess I’ll kick off with the overhauled one as that ties directly into Eighton.

Raiders of one form or another have been a staple of the series since the start; the Khans, Vipers, Jackals, Scorpions, Fiends, etc. And in every game not made by Bethesda they’ve also been either joinable in some way, or at the very least the player can talk to them and potentially pick up quests. Catering to the evil types is a necessity Bethesda sadly ignores in their gimped version of Fallout.

Remember that lovely location in the north-western portion of the map, the three satellite towers together in a triangle shape? The generic Raider haunt? You can see it there in the above image. I’ll be livening that place up a bit momentarily, but first I’m going to focus on Springvale and its associated school, pointless Raider haunt that it currently is.

So the general deal with Springvale is thus: technically it’s a Raider haunt, and the people living there are certainly less than pleasant to outsiders, but in reality these were mostly people from Eighton who were banished for one reason or another.

For certain crimes, the legal system of Eighton hands out banishment rather than death, figuring that the Wasteland is a death sentence in any case, and probably worse than a quick death by firing squad or whatever. This is a relatively new thing introduced by the hardliners with their more militaristic ideals, and banishing is considered a fate worse than death. (more…)